We take our environmental responsibility seriously. Transport is responsible for a quarter of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions and we are totally committed to reducing our environmental impact. Consolidating passenger journeys is a natural first step. Why use two or three cars when one of our vehicles will carry the passengers in more comfort and with less energy, emissions and congestion? We also operate the gogutsi express commuting service where we intelligently collectivise commuters each morning onto one of our executive coaches.

With careful route planning this significantly helps to reduce vehicle movements, mileage and carbon. Our booking technology allows us to provide a service that passengers genuinely prefer but has only a tiny fraction of the environmental impact of individual cars.  The most successful way people can reduce congestion, energy and the emissions associated with ‘private’ and ‘corporately sponsored’ road travel is simply to make the alternative better. gogutsi commuting is simply better and a lot cheaper. We also operate the greenest fleet of vehicles possible and we’ve taken this a step further by designing and building our own zero emission 100% electric vehicle the gogutsi ZerO. This for the first time makes sustainable travel genuinely preferable to getting into a car or taxi. City transport can be better and we are inspired to make it happen….

gogutsi  was founded on solid environmental principles.  When we started our first task was to design and build the UK’s first 100% electric executive coach – the gogutsi ZerO. By investing three years in Research of Development and forming partnerships with leading electric coach builders and fitters, we achieved the unthinkable – building the UK’s most executive people carrier with the lowest environmental footprint.

The gogutsi ZerO is based on a Smith Edison.  It has a 40/51 Kwhr lithium battery with fast charging enabling it to fully charge in 4 hours. With a range of up to 120 miles per day with opportunity charging in the express transport model, the GUTSi Zero can operate from 0500 to 0030.

The gogutsi technology is unchallenged in the market, incorporating 2.5 years of technical research and development – a significant barrier to market entry and creating a clear first mover advantage –  the gogutsi ZerO has been carefully designed to maximise battery technology and efficiency whilst providing its passengers unrivalled comfort and luxury, with an experience equal to first class airline travel.


Ultra Low Energy usage – Using just 5% of the energy of a sole occupancy taxi and less CO2 per seat/km than any other mechanised transport mode including the tube
Zero Carbon dioxide  –  We power the vehicles sustainably making a real contribution to reducing greenhouse gasses.
Zero Toxic emissions –  GUTSi produces Zero toxic emissions tackling the critical air quality issue in London which has a high economic and human cost to the capital.
Congestion Free – Bus route access, no congestion charging, direct, non stopping express routes. Modal shift from cars = less vehicles
Silent running –  Virtually silent, it creates a more peaceful city centre. Quieter roads encourage walking and cycling

Spacious and stylish accommodation for 9 passengers – The gogutsi ZerO is the pride of our fleet, chic and sustainable. With its silent operation and Private Jet style interior the gogutsi ZerO impresses the most discerning clients –  a tranquil oasis in the bustle of the City.

9 comfortable individual leather seats

Climate control

Complimentary WiFi, use of net books, work tables, newspapers and magazines

12/240v power outlets

Digital TV /DVD players creating a First Class travel experience

Privacy glass

Climate change is the most pressing global issue facing us all, with potential for significant community, biodiversity and environmental consequences across the world.  gogutsi are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. To take responsibility for our impact on the climate, we are offsetting the carbon emissions from our business, including emissions from our vehicles and office based activities through ClimateCare.

ClimateCare is an organisation that reduces global greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of companies and individuals. These reductions are made through a range of projects around the world that not only make real reductions in carbon emissions, but also make a difference to people’s lives.

We offset our emissions through a mix of projects, covering a range of technologies including renewable energy, energy efficiency, industrial gas and waste management, and these are operating around the developing world. Below are some examples of the types of projects which ClimateCare supports.


The majority of Cambodian people depend on wood as their daily fuel for cooking, most commonly using the Lao stove. This traditional stove uses charcoal that is produced from earth mound kilns; a process that is inefficient and responsible for high levels of greenhouse gas emissions. The project involves replacing the traditional Lao stove with one of greater efficiency, leading to a cut in the demand for charcoal by 21%. The project therefore reduces greenhouse gas emissions, both in charcoal production and in the use of charcoal during cooking.Some estimated 369,000 tonnes of wood are consumed for charcoal production annually in Cambodia, destroying 45km2 of deciduous forests each year. Only 3% of this re-grows, which translates to an average loss of 197,000 ha annually. The project helps to reduce this loss by reducing the demand for wood as fuel.



ClimateCare’s Argentinian biomass project involves the installation of a new high pressure biomass boiler for steam generation at La Providencia Sugar Mill, originally installed in 1882. Historically, steam for sugar processing was generated through a mix of biomass, natural gas and oil. This new boiler installation will significantly increase the proportion of biomass used to fire the boiler. An increase in the use of biomass as fuel will replace much of the need for fossil fuels.

The new boiler technology has resulted in social benefits to the local area, generating new, higher-value skills amongst employees. The boiler installation is also a great flagship project which could be replicated in all nineteen other sugar mills in Argentina, generating significant emission reductions across the country.

To find out more about ClimateCare and emission reduction projects, visit


gogutsi strives to make commuting more sustainable, stress-free and enjoyable for all. Whether its opting for a works-bus instead of a car or cycling part of your journey each day, small lifestyle changes can have a big effect on the environment we live in. That’s why we’ve recently  initiated the new ‘Bring Your Bike to Work Scheme’ to encourage Londoners to cycle home if they wish.



Like TFL, Cycle Scheme and many City institutions, gogutsi has leapt on the bicycle bandwagon and initiated “Bike Friendly” routes. These services allow commuters to store bikes on board so that even if you cannot complete your full commute on bicycle you can cycle part of it.

gogutsi services are available to all employees, and gogutsi wants to encourage commuters from surrounding areas to join the gogutsi trend! Whether cycling in from Barnes to join a Fulham Service or from Earlsfield to join the Wandsworth Service, commuters can easily stack and store Bikes on board our minibuses to complete their journey.

Although commuting by bicycle is a fantastic way to be fit and eco-savvy, gogutsi understands that it is not a practical solution for all. Distance, weather, safety and health can prevent commuters from cycling predominantly to work. gogutsi encourages commuters to integrate cycling into their weekly routine slowly. Whether its cycling part of your journey once a week or once a day, with gogutsi‘s Bring Your Bike Scheme hopes to make cycling to work more manageable.










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